About ISPM
IntelliSpace Precision Medicine (ISPM) is a suite of solutions that supports medical specialties to capture patient information, diagnose, detect, capture decisions, publish the report and create a treatment plan by obtaining information from other applications, test results etc
As a part of the design team I was responsible for the UX design of two of the ISPM Application 
Lung Cancer Orchestrator 
Lung Cancer Orchestrator is an integrated lung cancer patient management system for both CT lung screening programs and incidental pulmonary findings programs that monitors patients through various steps of their lung cancer screening and treatment decision journey.
Pulmonary Nodule Clinic
The Pulmonary Nodule Clinic is an application designed to help diagnose, monitor and treat patients with previously identified or suspected lung nodules. It consists of multidisciplinary team of specialists to help review and develop a follow up care plan for the patient based on the reports and medical history.
The Pulmonary Nodule Clinic module provides support for LCO collaboration. The physician can create decisions and recommendations and record them in the system.
Further project details cannot be shared as this project is under NDA. Please get in touch to understand the process.

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