Bapu's emotional Journey is a  project  based on the analysis of the sentiments embedded in the letters sent by Mahatma Gandhi during and around the key events of freedom struggle in India. The project focuses on Machine learning, data analysis, data interpretation and Visualization. 
It is part of a two week course at International Open elective organised by National Institute of Design.  

Data Segregation and Preparation

Data is sourced from the over 100 volumes of work of Mahatma Gandhi post he returned to India. Volumes include his letters, articles, speeches and other work written by him over the course of time. 
Further, it was segregated and bundled into different section,  sentiment in each writing was analysed using sentiment analysis tool. 
Tools:  Jupyter Notebook, Python


Sentiment value of each letter written by Mahatma Gandhi around the key events was analysed which provided the picture of variations in his emotions around the events during his struggle for Independence. 

Key emotions analysed: Joy, anticipation, Surprise, Trust, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Anger.

Tools: Tableau 
Data Visualization

As the deliverable of the course, the data analysed was represented in the graphical format. The emotions around a particular event aligned together with the size of the bubble representing its intensity at the time. 
The color of the bubble correspond to the attribute of the emotion. 
The data visualized was presented in the interactive web page format.
Tools: Adobe illustrator

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