Bachelor of Design
Industrial design is profession practice of design and development of products/devices/objects/services focused on form, aesthetic, functionality and manufacturability, ultimately to extend to the overall lasting value and experience of the product.
Master of Design
Contemporary study and practice of new media design are at the intersection of several fields and allows to conceptualize, create and critique current , emerging and speculative technologies. The primary learning objectives of the discipline include a critical examination of the relationship between technology and culture, competency in judging the appropriate application of technology and development of insights leading to the invention of new technology.

Freelance Designer
Currently working as an independent design consultant for product and light design projects

Peepal Design

May 2021  -  July 2022

Philips  Healthcare
User Experience Design Consultant
Worked as a UX designer for two software solution, Lung Cancer Orchestrator (Lung cancer patient 
management application and Pulmonary Nodule Clinic (designed to help diagnose, monitor and treat
patients with previously identified or suspected lung nodules.

User Experience Designer
Worked directly with the client to discover the project scope, gather project requirement and provide
UX leadership on the end to end project experience B2B and B2C products

Freelance Designer
2017  -  2018
Worked on variety of freelance projects including exhibition design, product design & digital Product Design

Nivasa Furniture.Art
2015  -  2017
Senior Designer
Design and Development of bespoke product and spaces. Roles Included project management,
collaborating closely wit the different teams, outsourcing and manufacturing

Studio 4D
2016  -  2017
Product Designer
Interior and Furniture design for commercial and residential projects.
Exhibition design for commercial exhibits.

Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. The Red Dot Label has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design. the distinction Best of the best is awarded for ground breaking design and is the top prize in design award concepts.
Plus bottles was the finalist of Red Dot design award and was presented to the jury for final selection​​​​​​​
ORI : Your everyday light was awarded Emerging lighting product design of the year - 2020
The LIT Design Awards ™ recognises the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. Emerging Lighting Product Design of the Year recognise talented lighting product designers who improve and perfect the quality of design and quality of light emitted by their designs.​​​​​​​
PLUS BOTTLES : Connect to create was awarded Centro brazil design special award. 
TISDC is among the biggest design competition in the world with students from more than 64 countries participating with more than 20,000 projects submitted
IFB Essentials : Redesigning
As a part of the competition we redesigned the IFB essential range of products
ArtIllume + EMRG
NOVA was selected to be the part of India's first light and New media art festival happening in Delhi. 

Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore -2022
House of Lucie Athens, Greece-2022
Bangkok Design Week, Bangkok-2020
National Ching Hi University-2020
Tainan University of Technology-2020
National Tsing Hua University-2020
Chejn Kuo Technology-2020

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