Emotions are something that is common among all human beings still, somehow our experience of it is different from one another. In this kinetic sculpture I have tried to bring out my understand of emotions and tried to give it a form, a motion. This sculpture represents seven stages of fear. This rubegoldbergian machine has seven different motions linking to one another and each, each movement representing an interpretation on a stage of emotion


Anticipation of the possibility of danger.

Response: Hesitation, rumination
Uncertainty as to whether there is a danger.
Stuck in the loop of winding and unwinding your thoughts. circling inward and outward to fight emotion
Response : Hesitation, worry, rumination
Fear of an anticipated or actual threat and uncertainty about one's ability to cope with it.

Response: Hesitation, freeze, withdrawal
Anticipation of the possibility of harm. Building up of anxiety with every moment into a more tangible feeling

Response:  Hesitation, shivering, withdrawal

Anticipation of severe danger. A sinking feeling 

Response: Withdrawal, hesitate, freeze, scream, yell
A response to inability to react to danger.

Response: Avoid, hesitate, freeze, scream, yell
An overwhelming feelings of anxiety and frantic agitation consistent with an animalistic fight-or-flight reaction.

Response: Avoid, hesitate, freeze, scream, yell

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